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Training Inquiry Form: microblading brows training and certification---

Thank You for your interest in our MICROBLADE certification. We offer 3d microblading in NYC and Miami. If you do not see your city or a city near you please feel free to leave a comment requesting your desired city. If we get enough inquiries we will consider coming to that city. 

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Private Training Courses are available in Miami, NYC, Atlanta and Los Angeles.  Please list Private Training in the comment section if you are interested in our private training classes.  microblading cost

CDBrows by Christopher Drummond  ​Microblading Brows in NYC and Miami

Microblading/Hairstroke Training in NYC  and Miami 

If you are a licensed esthetician/skincare specialist in New York or Miami (or anywhere else in the United States), and would like to learn the art of Microblading/3d eyebrow embroidery /semi-permanent makeup in New York or Miami, we can mentor you one-on-one with hairstrokes/eyebrow semi-permanent makeup/microblading in Miami and NYC.

Pricing for Private Microblading Training Courses in New York or Miami:

$2450 for two days (20 hours of training), and $3,000 for three days.

Your Training Includes:

*Online training/education prior to training days

*Training manual on three different techniques, safety/sanitation, workbook, color theory

*One-on-one training session with Christopher

*"Starter kit" for beginning Microblading (inks, needles, handles, practice pads)

*Two/three day training in small class setting (2 people or less)

*You will learn the basics of Microblading:  color theory, shaping brows, brow anatomy, tools, and different types of manual techniques (softap, hairstrokes, ombre shading).

Christopher is one of the best practitioners of hairstrokes/microblading in the country, and has been practicing this technique longer than anyone else in Miami or NYC.  He has been trained in Berlin, Miami, New York and San Francisco, by some of the best practitioners in the industry. Christopher offers his microblading training/mentoring services to all licensed practitioners, and to those who are aspiring to become a microblading expert.

We are  the premiere microblading academy in Miami and New York!!!

WARNING:  We strongly advise you to properly check into all options for microblading training in Miami or New York.  Please do your research well.  Make sure all microblading "academy" type locations are licensed and insured, and that they have pictures of their work, and that they perform the hairstrokes the way you want to learn!  There is one "academy" specifically in Miami that is not licensed for hairstrokes, and does not give proper training......let the buyer beware of flirt and flutter eyelashes and eyebrow embroidery in miami

For information on training microblading/ hairstrokes through CDBrows nyc, please contact us on the information page, or email us at appointments@CDBrows.com

Basic Information on Training for microblading in the U.S.

Congratulations on your decision to get trained by one of the most innovative beauty companies in America.

Below you will find a list of courses that we provide but you will need to meet certain requirements in regards to practicing on a live model when attending your training course. The following requirements must be fulfilled to be considered for microblade training in Miami (the United States): 

1.  You must be registered with the  County Health Department in order to work on live models during your training. This is MANDATORY.  If you do not live in Miami, you must be registered with the Health Department in the county you live in.

2.  If you do not live in Miami or NYC,  you must register with the county that you will be doing services in. Do your research on knowing your state and county legalities before registering.
We only provide certification, not licensing. That is done by a government agency.

3.  To meet the requirements for registration with your County Health Department to perform permanent makeup/tattooin during your training you will need to a) complete a bloodeborne pathogens course for Miami/Dade (or whatever your county is). (Each state/county is different, so although you may have one for your state you will need to complete a BBP certification course for Miami/Dade County Health Department.)

For Miami, FL Microblading training
The Miami/Dade Health Department has approved the following online courses for you to take:
*Bilogix Solutions LLC. Available online 24/7
Course Fee: $55
Duration: 3 hours
Instant access after course sign up. Florida Mandated. Student verification system used. Online independant study course. Requires a computer and internet access. 
Email: admin@blxtraining.com or Biologix.solutions@gmail.com

 ***The course you will choose on the site is listed as the Florida Or Miami course. Once you pay for the course the name on the credit card must match the name of the student who is taking the course, otherwise your certification will not be valid.

If you are planning on microblading in New York or any other state, please check online for the requirements for bloodborn pathogen tests.  It is mandatory in every state in order to perform microblading, however requirements vary.

 You Must Email the Following prior to taking the course:

*Completion of Bloodborn pathogen test
*A copy of your government issued id to prove you are at least 18 or older
*Completed Application for Tattoo Artist License 

We wish you the best and if you have any questions or concerns please email us at appointments@cdbrows.com

(Training/mentoring  for hairstrokes, eyebrow embroidery/3D eyebrows/microblading in Miami-Dade, FL and New York, NY; however is open to anyone, as long as they have a valid esthetics license, and have followed the above criteria).

Please contact us if you do not live in Florida or NYC, but are still interested in training hairstrokes, microblading, feather strokes and permanent makeup.  We do travel, and are available for one-on-one training of microblading and hairstrokes.

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