Learn microblading in NYC, Miami and LA by certified Master Technician Christopher Drummond
Microblading (3D Feather Stroke, Ombre Brow, micropigementation) Training in New York, Miami and Los Angeles by Celebrity Makeup Guru Christopher Drummond.

CDBrows is proud to host one of the most sought after training courses in the permanent makeup industry, by one of the industry leaders in micropigmentation, Christopher Drummond. Microblading for Brows will give istudents the secrets to creating the most natural looking brows by implementing hairstrokes, shading and powder fill. Christopher's patented technique will include tips for making pigments last longer within the dermis, how to perform on specific types of hair and skin. Students will learn which permanent makeup products are preferred for this most requested service, and where to get them. Christopher has done all of the footwork, and brings it to you!

Having a great technique but not having the correct products or tools can hurt one's reputation when branding yourself with is popular service. Christopher Drummond will give you the TRUTH about Microblading. You will learn what to do and what NOT to do with creating the perfect brow for your client. Below you will find an overview of the training workshop.

What is Microblading?
Microblading (or eyebrow embroidery, 3D brows, featherstrokes, Ombre brow, fog brow) is the hottest must have qualification amongst permanent makeup technicians! Microblading is carried out by using a special manual hand-tool, which holds disposable micro blades. The required pigment is deposited into the epidermis very carefully with the micro-blade needles, which allows the technician to create super fine crisp hair strokes – compared to using digital needle cartridge configurations (which tend to be less natural looking).

The pigments are inserted closer to the surface, therefore the strokes appear crisp and very fine, there is no fading under the skin!!

We also teach a unique method of a "powder fill" which helps to finish off the look of your brows. This creates a light, powder-like look (also called an "ombre brow" or "fog brow") that is becoming more and more popular.

CDBrows has a very unique training course, that nobody else has. It is incredibly informative, fun and intensive. We generally have very small classes (primarily one-on-one) so you can get the most out of this two day training!!!

Course Dates, Locations & Pricing and Overview of Class:

When & Where:

All courses are by appointment only in the designated city (Miami, LA, New York)
Courses are generally one-on-one, so you get the most out of the learning experience
Miami, New York and Los Angeles courses are available. Please contact us for dates that Christopher is in your area.

Due to the popularity of microblading, our courses are selling quickly.

Duration: 2 Days total: 1 day of online training; 1 Day of practical, 1 Day of "hands on" with model
Time: 11am-6pm each day
Investment/Price- $2450
Early Bird Specials: Take $300 off if you PAY IN FULL
(must sign up 21 days prior--There are no refunds, you can only reschedule for another date)
Supplies: Course Includes a beginner Kit with all you need to get started, training manual and certificate of completion (this is given out after 25 practice hours have been completed)

For More Information email: appointments@cdbrows.com

What is Covered With CDBrows Microblading Training?
Microblading for Brows is a comprehensive course on the use of blades and needles to create semi-permanent hair strokes on clients by the application of pigment under the skin.

What is Covered?
• Health & Safety
• Structure of Skin
• Brow shapes/how to design the "perfect brow"
• Skin Diseases & Disorders
• Color Theory
• Different microblading needles and when they might be used
• Reasons for clients wanting eyebrow embroidery
• Setting up for treatment and preparing the client
• Treatment Plans
• Performing the treatment
• Aftercare
Our comprehensive training manual will be received on the day of training.
It will be a fab reference guide for you to use once your training has finished.

Supplies & Equipment

Disposable blades/Needle (sterilized by gamma rays)
1 Maestro Microblading Pen
Brow Micropigmentation Brow Pigments
Anesthetic Numbing Agent
1 Practice Skins
2 Practice Sheets
1 Stencil book
1 White Pencil
1 Black Cosmetic Art Pencil
1 Brown Cosmetic Art Pencil
1 Online Training Manual
1 Certificate of Completion

Do Your Research! We are one of the few companies that give you tons of TOOLS OF THE TRADE. Christopher is a legitimate trainer for many companies, and has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. You will have an unparalleled training!

Get Certified by one of the Most Innovative Beauty Academies in the Country.


Christopher Drummond is licensed in Permanent Makeup, a licensed Medical Esthetician and celebrity makeup artist. CDBrows holds several state licenses and are legal to train in the USA. We are members of the Society of Permanent Cosmetics. We assist our students with understanding the process of becoming a Microblading Specialist in the USA. If you have any questions about the legalities please feel free to contact us at appointments@cdbrows.com

Natural Microstroking for Eyebrows
Learn to Microblade/Microstroke Eyebrows with natural pigments. Our training will teach you how to choose pigments for a variety of complexions.
Cover Sparse Eyebrows & Gaps
Learn to perfect your strokes with our techniques on Microblading. Make your strokes appear natural.
Learn to create a Eyebrow for those with Alopecia
Give someone who has hair loss a full natural brow with eyebrow embroidery and microblading....

CDBrows by Christopher Drummond

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